We are sisters, best friends, and a place where the other can be at home.

We have spent our entire adult lives on our own healing journeys and have both chosen career paths that have allowed us the privilege of taking part in the healing and growth of others as well. Our wish is to cultivate lives full of love, comfort, and care. 


Growing up as children of immigrants, we navigated a confusing and often contradictory world. But when we were ill, upset, or simply in need of the comfort of daily ritual, our adoring Nani Ji (maternal grandmother), would make us a steaming, delicious cup of creamy chai. We watched as our family members came together at least once a day to pause, connect, breathe, and sip their chai. This pause was as essential and as natural as going to sleep each night. It was more than a cup of tea – it was an act of self-preservation in a world that compels us to forget who we are and what we truly need.


As we have grown into women, mothers, and healthcare providers, we have come to recognize the unique needs of women in their mental, physical, and emotional health. Our goal was to create not only delicious tea blends that align with women’s unique hormonal needs, but to also create a movement in which those needs are hailed as essential to meet. 

This is our mission. This is our movement.

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