Tea that gives back

This company is so much more to us than a product we sell - it is an integral part of our efforts to create a community of empowered women who take care of themselves as well as others. 

Tula Tea proudly donates 3% of profits to Mata Jai Kaur Maternal and Mental Health Care Centre.

With every cup of chai brewed

you are not only serving yourself, your families, and your community, but ultimately supporting some of the most vulnerable women and families in the world.

The Mata Jai Kaur Centre

The Mata Jai Kaur Centre conducts research and provides physical and psychological care to tens of thousands of vulnerable women and children across the rural and remote regions of Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan, India. They provide healthcare to mothers through the end of their pregnancy, providing essential diagnostics, medications, health education programs, delivery at a private hospital – all for free. The Khushee Mamta Program, a mental health initiative which functions through the training, recruitment and work of lay mental health counselors (local women trained in basic mental health counseling), delivers postnatal support to new mothers in their homes.

Since 2010, the Mata Jai Kaur Centre has provided antenatal care to over 16,000 outpatient women, and has safely delivered over 1200 babies, the majority of whom come from low-income families around Ganganagar.

The MJK Story