Mother's Day Gift Box

The perfect gift. Give your mom the gift of rest and nourishment that she deserves!

Blended for balance. Curated for comfort.

More than just a tea, it’s a commitment to yourself

Tula Tea blends are delicious, aromatic, organic chai blends designed to support hormonal, mental, and overall physical health. These blends combine traditional chai ingredients, as passed down from our Punjabi family recipes over many generations, with unique Ayurvedic herbs, not generally seen in traditional chai. Each blend is made with the finest, organic ingredients and designed to make you pause, breathe, and sip. 

Our Ingredients


 I have the Behn tea in the morning and I have been having the neend tea at night. The Behn tea gets me going in the morning and the neend tea is perfect cup in the evening to relax with a book.


You can taste the quality! The warm flavour and aroma makes for a perfect cup of tea to curl up on the couch with.


I have tried so many different teas, and Tula tea is one my favorites! I love the richness of the Nani blend, it is full of flavour yet has a hint of floral sweetness. I enjoy starting off my mornings with a delicious, comforting cup of Tula tea.  Great quality tea, I would definitely recommend trying a cup of Tula.


I am an avid Tea drink, and Tula Tea is my new favorite. You can taste all the flavors from each ingredient, from the packaging and in every sip you take. Nani is now part of my evening wind down. Such amazing taste and a sense of calmness after drinking. A must have in your pantry!

This company is so much more to us than a product we sell
Giving Back

Tula Tea proudly donates 3% of profits to Mata Jai Kaur Maternal and Mental Health Care Centre.