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The Moon-Syncing Subscription 

Life is busy and your hormones are ever fluctuating, responding to your daily stressors and impacting how you feel both physically and emotionally. Often there is little to no time to sit and just be -  be with yourself and just breathe. 

What if we did that for you? 

What if every month you received a care package that gave you permission to take a break and nourish your body? Why? Because you deserve it! 

Change takes time and consistency. It can often take a minimum of 3 months to really tap into the benefits of a new health habit. Give yourself permission to take that well deserved break. Tula Tea can help in your healthcare journey. We all need support.

Let us support you. 

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Every month
you will receive

Every month you will receive your tasty daily blends, including 25g of Maa Blend, 50g of Nani Blend, 25g of Behn Blend, and 100g of Neend Blend.

This subscription box is designed to sync with your menstrual cycle or the moon cycle for non-menstruating/ people and has the perfect amount of chai to support you all month long.