Nani Blend
Nani Blend

Nani Blend

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A blend of hormone balancing herbs that invokes calm, steadiness, and ease in your day. 

Black tea*, Cinnamon*, Ashwaganda*, Ginger*, Black Pepper*, Rosehips*, Lavender*, Rose Petals*, Vitex Berry*, Cardamom Pods*, Fennel*, Nettle Leaf*, Raspberry Leaf*, Lemon Balm*, Dandelion Leaf*, Clove*, Chrysanthemum Petals*, Cardamom Seeds*, Raspberry Flavour (*organic)

Best utilized in luteal phase for menstruating women and full moon to new moon for menopausal.

This phase of your menstrual cycle, often from full moon to new moon for menopausal women, is a time that can feel the most challenging. You may notice symptoms related to premenstrual syndrome like acne, irritability, mood swings, insomnia, and even cramping. For menopausal women it may bring up emotions that have been suppressed and a feeling of general anxiety. 

Our luteal blend brings you back into a state of seemingly contradictory softness and strength, as it brings calm into your day and resilience into your mind. Ingredients like ashwaganda, are adaptogenic in nature and support your ability to deal with stress, while simultaneously increasing energy. Chaste tree, a herb that helps your hormones communicate more efficiently, aids in regulating your cycle and your nervous system, helping you feel more balanced. Herbs like dandelion and nettle help detoxify the myriad of toxins from your environment, allowing for a lighter bleed and a reduction in hot flashes and the discomforts that show up with menopause. 

We chose the name Nani, meaning “maternal grandmother”, for this blend in honour of our grandmother, who always provided us with comfort, even in the most painful and stressful times in our lives. She was always where we felt most at peace. 

Consult with your physician before use if you are pregnant, lactating, have a medical condition, or are taking any medication. Products are not intended to treat any medical conditions.

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